Lighting since 1970


ROBLAN participates in Light & Building Frankfurt to present the new range of MADE IN SPAIN Street Lights and Internet of Things (IOT) prodcts.

Launch of new Headquarters

Inauguration of the new ROBLAN building in Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo Spain. Adding to a total of 6000 m2 of Stocked Warehouse space.


ROBLAN AUSTRAL is established to distribute products to Chile, Perú, Argentina and Bolivia.

MATELEC 2016 Stand

ROBLAN participates in MATELEC.

30 year anniversary of the ROBLAN brand

Celebration of the ROBLAN brand, registerd in 1986.

Launch of ROBLAN APP with SAP

Development of a new logistics system for ROBLANs commercial network in collaboration with SAP. The integration of this technology gave way to ROBLANs top of the line delivery and customer service with real time information and 24h devliery.

Expansion Portuguese Market

ROBLAN begins its expansion in Europe by entering the Portuguese market. As of today ROBLAN participated in lighting a variety of projects across the country, including lighting of CUf hospitals, World Padel Tour Lisbon or AEROMEC airplane hangers, to name a few.


The second generation of the family business establishes the ROBLAN brand in Spain.

ROBLAN brand is born

Arturo Pereira registers the brand ROBLAN. The company goes from being a distributor to manufacturing its own products.

Most important distributor in Venezuela

The company grows by expanding the distribution network to cover the entire Venezuelan market. The company is one of the most important lighting and electrical components distributor in the country. A parallel subsidiary is created to manage the logistics and the distribution of the products nationally.

From store to distributor

Entrepreneurs from Spain, including Arturo Pereira, expand the business from store to distributor.

The beginning of ROBLAN

Jose Rodriguez Blanco opens a small local electrical components wholesale shop in Caracas, Venezuela.